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Tortuga Music Festival

Rock The Ocean’s flagship event is Tortuga Music Festival, a large-scale, three-day oceanfront music festival dedicated to creating awareness and raising funds for ocean conservation. The award-winning event takes place annually on the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We bring together the superstars of the entertainment industry and the rockstars of ocean conservation to put their talents together to save our oceans. Tortuga Music Festival, in partnership with Live Nation, celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2023.

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Most sustainable large-scale music festival on the planet

Over $4 Million Raised for Ocean Conservation

Educating over 100,000 fans annually

Music's biggest stars on Fort Lauderdale Beach

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Conservation Village At Tortuga

Rock The Ocean’s signature trademark onsite at Tortuga is Conservation Village. We bring together the best and brightest organizations and experts around the top issues threatening our seas. Together, we build awareness and give concert attendees a hands-on experience that helps them not just learn more, but care more. Tortuga reaches 100,000+ concert fans annually and those fans have helped raise over $4 million to support the oceans.

Take a Deeper Dive Into Conservation Village

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Sustainability at Tortuga

Tortuga is proudly a trailblazer in sustainability, and always has been. Tortuga Music Festival was the first major music festival to ban the sale of plastic bottles in 2015 and that was just the beginning. Banning all single-use plastic serviceware, implementing a comprehensive recycling program & composting, and drafting the industry's most aggressive sustainability plan for a large-scale event is just the tip of the iceberg. We are on a mission to demonstrate that being sustainable won't hinder the fan experience. In fact, it enhances it. And that's why we're on track to be the most sustainable large-scale music festival on the planet. Dive in here and learn more about our sustainability efforts.

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