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Tortuga Music Festival

Rock The Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival is a world-class music festival in paradise with the express mission of spreading awareness of Ocean Conservation issues! On April 5-7, 2024, Fort Lauderdale Beach will be the host for the Rock The Ocean's Tortuga Music Festival. During Tortuga, the magical shores of the Atlantic Ocean host our supporters for a one-of-a-kind oceanfront music experience, featuring top country and rock artists and killer local food.

One of the most special components of Tortuga is Rock The Ocean’s signature concept “
Conservation Village,” a gathering of like-minded organizations who are experts in the various issues threatening our seas. These organizations come together to as a united front to build awareness of the many issues putting our seas at risk. Tortuga provides conservation messaging to 30,000+ concert fans annually with a unique “edu-tainment” experience!

Oh, and here’s the best part:
a portion of the proceeds from all of our events go directly back to our Conservation Village partners! Who said you couldn’t have a great time while being agents for change?

Conservation Village

Rock The Ocean’s Conservation Village is our trademark concept that pairs music and conservation. With Rock The Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival, we gather 30,000+ music fans on Fort Lauderdale beach for an epic music event. We take this opportunity to assemble 30+ top ocean conservation groups that are doing the best work to help save our seas and provide fans with some great conservation concepts on site. Pairing education and entertainment, we provide an “edu-tainment” experience!

Our mission is to deliver a profound and impactful message of ocean and marine conservation to every attendee at Tortuga Music Festival. This year we are celebrating 10 years of Rock-ing The Ocean. Since 2013, our goal has been to have each concert-goer leave our event knowing what he or she, as an individual, could do to make a difference to protect our world's oceans. After all, WE ARE NOT TRYING TO SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD... JUST 3/4 OF IT!

Just a few highlights from past events:

  • Rock The Ocean’s Passport to Conservation: Fans are encouraged to pick up a ‘passport’ and visit ocean conservation partners from each core issue tent. From there, they collect a unique stamp and are entered into a raffle to win tickets for the following year's Tortuga Music Festival + a custom limited edition Rock The Ocean acoustic guitar!
  • 30+ of the best local, state, & national Ocean Conservation Groups
  • Surprise Pop-up Shows: Rock The Ocean Headquarters hosts a mini concert series with various Tortuga artists. Not only is it an up close and personal concert experience,  but fans are given the opportunity to learn about Rock The Ocean's mission to save our oceans.
  • Virtual Shark Dive: A virtual reality shark dive in Rock The Ocean Headquarters with our partners, Sharks4Kids. Fans take a dive in the deep and learn more about how they can turn fear into fascination!
  • Fans have been able to check out a live lionfish and staghorn coral, a turtle ambulance and interactive displays with shark tagging and tracking, lionfish capture, sea turtle rescue simulation, and many more!
  • Paint with world-renowned artist Guy Harvey – stop by Conservation Village to paint on a 15’x6′ mural started by Guy Harvey
  • Rock The Ocean's Eco Exchange – Fans collect trash to trade in for prizes resulting in over 100,000 lbs of trash diverted from the landfill each year!
  • Over 60,000 sea oats planted to create a better coastal habitat for sea turtles & other wildlife.
Band Michael Franti Performing Pop Up Show in Rock The Ocean Headquarters Tent at Tortuga Music Festival
Custom Wrapped Guitars for Auction with Musical Guest and Founder for Rock The Ocean talking

Many artists performing at Tortuga Music Festival also join us in Conservation Village to learn about ocean conservation and participate in hands-on activities like planting sea oat dunes to create a better habitat for sea turtles or checking out a submarine used to evaluate & document the changes in our oceans.

Conservation Village is strategically placed at the center of the action at Tortuga Music Festival to encourage fan interaction and education and consists of more than 30 Conservation Partner booths & displays that we hope to be
educational, fun, and interactive. Conservation Village Partners host a display representing their organization, educate fans on their mission, allow fans to leave the festival with an “awakened consciousness” of the issues our oceans and marine environments are facing, and most importantly, what they, the fans, can do to make a difference!

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