Meet The Ocean's Most Terrifying Predator -- Pollution..

November 7, 2018

When we think about the ocean’s most dangerous predators, we’re usually surprised to learn that it’s pollution: the ocean’s ecosystem is at the mercy of plastic bags, bottles, and cigarette butts. Compelling images of trash-strewn coastlines and animals stuck in six-pack rings encourage us to clean up our act, but there are other predators lurking in the water.

While it’s a good start, cleaning up the ocean is going to take more than picking up trash. Did you know that cruise ship waste, shipping emissions, and noise pollution are just as dangerous to our oceans and its inhabitants?

Make an impact and get your local representatives on board; they’re closer to these predators than they realize. To start, explain that lax laws allow cruise ships to dump untreated sewage and wastewater three miles from shore. Not sure how to explain noise pollution? In the northern Gulf, noise from seismic airgun testing alone is about 120 decibels — that’s the threshold of pain for humans.

Every landmark piece of ocean-protecting legislation starts with a small group of supporters. Start by getting your local representatives passionate about keeping our oceans clean, and have them Rock the Ocean!

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