March 19, 2019

Marine pollution is one of the biggest issues facing our world today. And one of our CORE ISSUES here at The Rock the Ocean Foundation where “We’re not trying to save the whole world… just ¾ of it.” Garbage islands and oil spills can seem overwhelming and out of the average person’s reach to actually make a difference. But many little steps CAN make a BIG difference!

You don’t have to live near the beach to make an impact on the devastation facing our oceans. Did you know that 80% of the plastic and other “garbage” in our oceans come from land based sources. That’s HUGE! No matter where you live you can make a difference!

1. Get your friends and community involved

Contact your local Representatives, let them know that you value and support marine conservation. Educate your friends and co-workers on the devastation happening to our oceans. Simple things like picking up trash, even on your own street, can help prevent that plastic bag from ending up in the ocean and in turn be ingested by a sea turtle(they think they’re Jellyfish!). If you live by the ocean, organize a beach clean-up! If you don’t live by the beach, you probably live close to a river, river water that eventually runs into the ocean. Organize a river bank clean-up!

2. Make smart seafood choices

Check out Sustainable Seafood Search to learn what are the best choices for your seafood dinner. Not everything at the grocery store is caught through sustainable fishing practices. Let’s make sure we can enjoy delicious seafood meals for generations to come! Find out which local markets and restaurants support sustainable fishing and go and support them!

3. Be an ocean-friendly pet owner

How can our furry kids make a difference? Start by checking the ingredients of their food. Make sure the seafood used is from sustainable fisheries. Some kitty litters can contain pathogens that are harmful to marine life, so make sure it’s not going to get in any waterways when disposing.

If you have a saltwater aquarium, always try to avoid purchasing any wild caught sea life. The owner of the fish store should know this and if he doesn’t, find one who does. And NEVER release your fish into your local marine ecosystem. A non-native species can destroy an entire ecosystem.

4. Join Rock The Ocean’s Mission

ROCK our message and ROCK THE OCEAN! 50% of the proceeds from Rock The Ocean’s apparel and merchandise sales go right back into ocean conservation programs! Check out our cool T-shirts, hats, hoodies, beach towels and MORE! Be stylish and convey the message of ocean conservation! You can also make a DONATION! Even $10 can make a HUGE difference!

Got a tight budget? We get it! How about reaching out to ALL your facebook friends and asking them to “like” the Rock The Ocean facebook page! Or if you have Twitter, tweet your favorite celebs that you follow and ask them to ROCK THE OCEAN! Tell them, you’re not trying to save the whole world… just ¾ of it!

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